Event Horizon

by As The Sun

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©As The Sun - 2012
11 Tracks of lightspeed Swedish Death Metal. Event Horizon is a project we developed almost in two years. It’s a concept album, and first being our best work yet.


released November 16, 2012

©As The Sun - Event Horizon - 2012
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Fear Studio (RA)



all rights reserved


As The sun Venezia, Italy

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Track Name: The Redshift
The Redshift

Our time will never come
We are stuck in between
a perpetual circle of disillusion
it feeds himself and grows everyday
It's silent, and overwhelming
this world rejected us
and while our only reason of life
slowly dies before our eyes
our foundation cracks
it's us we have to blame
and when desperation is too much
we must give up to resignation
but then, from the skies
there comes a brilliant red light
it's warm, and captivating
It speaks and we're awakening
a call from the Event Horizon
Through the Redshift we understand the distance
the elusive promise of a different world, the sweet echo
of a massive force, something our mind is not
prepared to understand, probably will never be
Track Name: Outer Silence
Outer Silence

Hands, in circle
A constricting state of mind, they're our feelings filling the air
A clash of titans in our tired persistance of reason
Hands, in circle, held to face our fears
Smyling hearts, exited to see an infinite utopia
Simple minds, driven to attempt the beauty of the unknown
for all those times we had not dared enough
This time we'll leave our safe house, alone
It's a cosmic call, we won't refuse, it's a challenge
we missed for too long
Anxious, heart breaking, our void is always there
This silence embraces us, with empty eyes
we prepared ourselves to trespass
Burn the veil, fill your existence with my words,
an answer lies in the light of those stars
we looked so far
And, when decisions are done, and the eyes
can only look forward, there is a song,
through the heavy air, a melody like shivers
on our cold skin, it's fear, and adrenaline
It's the calling of a thousand voices
coming from the outer silence
we don't understand, but we know
they're calling for us.
And when dreams and desires are
two sides of the same feeling
this sense we built ourselves is no more enough
We'll answer the calling
We'll probably get lost
Track Name: Memories Of Light
Memories Of Light

There is silence between us and the darkest void
years of distance separate us from a responsive choice
The awareness that everything is forced and limited
Consciousness took off our perception of what is good
Cold is that place you can't find your memories
Where you are lost and blind, far away from light
It's so hard to stand under the weight of these skies
And I don't want to regret, because our life is already
Full of false promises we made to ourselves
Take me where it's warm, please take me home
Let me see once again those infinite glares
Feeling a primitive embrace
It's impossible to give it a voice
Hard to understand, we are too far away
Scale back the filter level, get inside your deepest fears
Every moment is already passed
Stop wasting your breaths, air is limited
Light is there, face the dying star
It is the last chance you have to see our Sun
If you are listening, just collect
Our memories of light
Track Name: Gravity
Track Name: Surfacing
A liquid confusion it's hanging on
It still seems like if there's no time to focus
We're grabbing stars
like if they are our chances
to reach the surface and breath again,
but we're going deeper
a choice I made myself
or that I thought, before
my eyes could lose their feeling
Plain regrets, decadence, a life spent waiting for
something unknown, impossible, never existed
In the middle of our journey we lost our hope
speechless voices
to sing our dream is barely failed
Surfacing from a sea of lightwaves,
darkness burns, inside, it's disillusion
And finally,
when I was prepared,
to switch it off
Only then it came back to me,
with the strenght
of a thousand suns
How can we resist?
It's a sweet call,
pulling us through the surface
Track Name: Observing The End
Observing The End

And I fall down
Captured by emotions
Left, by the chaos of the world
This is something hard to explane
when you get this point of the path
You should be here to understand
I'll tell you about a time, in a man's life
to deserve peace and completeness
A time to rest and contemplate this sky
She is beauty and magnification
the answer of all our questions
She is death and life again
Pulling gravity away, she embraces
the whole place with her glowing dress
with stars there to say her goodbye
Even Space curves and reinvents
We must leave now, light is fading
Time subverts and a black eye is watching
This wonder taught us about beauty and
frailty, a condition we always forget
Everything ends, it's in the circle
We're ready to go on, safer and wiser
Life and death are twins in perfection
We are ready now to heal this storm
Track Name: Bridges

Hard is the limit you cannot see
it's on your tongue, but difficult to taste
it's huge, and out of our spective
it's consuming us, slowing us, aging us
it's the second constant
We now move, in slower spirals
it seems like if there's an invisible wall
constricting us, pushing us back
there is no passage, through an invisible end
But we are travelling long enough
to be not scared, not to giving up
Time is obsessive, the origin of chaos
but equilibrium itself
trespassing these bridges
a blind connection, the light hole
this time, we'll follow the call
we are reflections,
one in the eyes of the other,
we're curving
transforming ourselves
we accepted our fears
to the final step
trespassing these bridges
a blind connection, the light hole
this time, we'll follow the call
accomplishment is waiting for us
Track Name: Twin Suns
Twin Suns

Rules changed again
He's dead, but here again
Twice in perfection
we are passing through
a liquid tension, the light surface
welcomes into the third wonder
Its sight separates
astonished souls, infinite minds
revealing what it's true
a twofold source
the dual perception
twin suns to teach the wonder
how far we can go within our light
it's an attractive circle (constricting us), it's louder, a double voice
ending and endless (life and death), the night and light again
Using our skins, to capture their radiations
a greater feeling, we're getting aware
going forward (mirrors), time changed its flux
In reversal
mirror the against went we, echoes resonating
Between in passing are we, attraction outstanding
collapse gravity a, down melting are they
Build again, in the matter of the stars
from one to twice, and one again,
let us enter the last trespassing
we changed for the final path
guarding the core of these twin stars
we can now stand the infinite dark
Track Name: Deep Field
Deep Field

(Take our hands, in these hours of sunset)
Concentrating all our fears in our silent perceptions
the invisible wall stands in this dark void
It's not the end, not this time,
Filling this Void, we illuminate
We can now trespass, light with us
Track Name: Eyes Burn
Eyes Burn

Our time is changing
slowing down, with
an unpredictable course
the same, It's flashing before our eyes
in the critical absence of a guideline
we are floating into an eternal
space without an end
Should we go further?
We entrust ourselves
To that blue light
It burns, stronger
Let's start the stasis
(Thousands years of death are enough)
It's nearer, we just woke up
Older but young, we just follow
It already burns
close your eyes, he said, but we want to see,
It'll hurt, we know, but it's our last chance
we are now prepared to let our eyes burn
and while infinity is pouring inside our souls
we're forcing the course, time is no more
Light and gravity overrun
This is the first time we see
and if beauty was a poor illusion
We can now see it, while our eyes burn
Track Name: The Blueshift
(Our life is
like an imprecise clockwork,
made by soft, smoky illusions
Our lifespan is built on whispers,
none of them flows with the same timespeed)

They can stream from the slowly to the fastest way
in a circle that never ends
leading us to corruption and perversion
Our journey ends in the only way possible
Now we finally caught the meaning

Swear, speak about strenght and integrity,
find yourself across the Event Horizon
and promise, dream, think about,
an existance that's already failing
gone away with desires, our bags were full of hope
but now, what remains? The same infinite void.

Through the Blueshift we reached that massive force.
Its echo resonates in our minds, torn by solitude
and our blackest attitude to accept this little life.
This is something we are finally prepared to understand.

Seing this light, we grew up, we took conscience
about life and death, about time, about love.
About ourselves, me, and you.
The severance of all our purposes,
and a full acceptance of a beauty untold.
For whom didn't believe, our life was there,
in front of us, embracing us, in a sweet silence.

(Our journey ends here, within this infinite light.
We left looking for something different,
something new, we were hungry and afraid.
We are the meaning, our choices, the only
possible, are ready to start. A new aeon)